Zen Hot Yoga's mission is to connect, empower and inspire the community to grow by the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga.

In Zen, the circle represents the process of continuous perfection, leading to a self with a difference. This process has no beginning and no end. The practitioner following a long pathway around the circumference of a circle, which eventually leads back to the starting point, but now he or she has had the experience of the journey and is changed from the person he or she once was. "The self is thus both the reason for the journey and the goal of the journey, both the path and the fruit of the path, both the question and the answer.

So, in other words, Zen is your life and your experiences. And only you have the power to improve your life and experiences. Let us help you on that journey!

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The Zen Hot Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program is designed for those who are eager to significantly deepen their understanding, experience and practice of Hatha Yoga as well as share this knowledge with others through teaching.

This program will support individual evolution, encourage you to move beyond a formulaic approach to performing asana, help you to develop and explore the skills of listening, observing, and demonstrating and provide the clarity and insight to find fullness in your practice.

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