Andy Zen Hot Yoga Virginia Beach

Andy Rosenberg

Growing up in Africa, Europe and British boarding schools, Andy came to the States in 1980 where he attended the University of Virginia and the George Mason School of Law. Following tours as a Marine Corps JAG, Andy now works as a Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach.

He has been a yoga teacher since 2011 and emphasizes the following principle in his practice – that yoga is fundamentally a moving meditation designed to strengthen the body and provide a structural platform for the mind to settle and stay in one place. Everything in yoga – breath/body synchronization (vinyasa), balancing, challenge/body awareness poses, vocalization, chanting, mudra, bandha and drishti practice, the experience of discomfort at the “edge,” thought/emotional (reactional) awareness and control practices, ego regulation, pranayama/energy exercises – is done with the intention of bringing the practitioner to a state of “communion” with the energy and flow of the ongoing present – the place where true meditation begins and ends. In this place, with diligent practice, the yogi will eventually find stillness and well-being, steadiness (sthira) with ease (sukha), and balance.