Gina Renzi



I came to yoga at the most divine time. I had a lot of mental, emotional, and physical weight going on in my life. I came across Zen through a friend that invited me to go with her to the Yamas and Niyamas workshop led by Susan Casciato at the Zen Hot Yoga South studio in August of 2017. I had never done yoga before and knew nothing about it other than what I had seen briefly throughout my life in movies. Once I attended the entirety of that workshop, my whole spirit resonated and vibrated all over. I knew I found my home and that the only “therapy” I needed was to deepen and discover my very own yoga practice. I applied for a job at the Zen front desk on the same day that I attended the workshop and started as a part time sub and shortly after, got offered a full time position and have deepened my yoga practice ever since. I don’t know where I’d be in all aspects without my “home away from home”. Zen has truly brought me an indescribable amount of joy. Between the staff, the clients, the environment, and my ability to be creative during my shifts, I have never felt more myself in my entire life. 


3352 Princess Anne Road

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