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Loren Dragon

Loren has practiced yoga intermittently for years but began a dedicated practice at Zen Hot Yoga in 2019. Since then she has consistently attended classes, focused on her seated practice and incorporated mindfulness into her daily living activities. The many benefits of a regular practice have brought increased physical strength, a calm mind and a desire to continue learning.


In 2021 Loren graduated with her 200-hour teacher training certificate from Zen Hot Yoga. As a health and physical education teacher she enjoys sharing her practice with those around her, especially the youngest of yogis. A mother of two she is always finding exciting new ways to engage and teach kids about the many benefits of yoga. “Teaching the kids classes at Zen is such an honor and I enjoy the creative process of making lessons to share my knowledge…also it’s just extremely fun!”. 


Loren views yoga as a disciplined freedom where anyone can learn to connect to their innermost being with time and patience.

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