Surrender & Release

Surrender & Release

with JUDE

After a long holiday season, it’s time to surrender and rest, because you deserve it.
Experience ultimate self love in this 1.5 hour journey through pranayama, meditation, yin and restorative poses. Each person will go home with a complimentary breathe the peace essential oil spray.


All Levels. Beginner Friendly. Non-heated room temperature.

Bring a Yoga mat and water.


Saturday January 8th 4-5:30PM

Zen Hot Yoga South location


Investment $33 

Annual members receive 15% off

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Zen Hot Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


The Zen Hot Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program is designed for those who are eager to significantly deepen their understanding, experience and practice of Hatha Yoga as well as share this knowledge with others through teaching. 

This program will support individual evolution, encourage you to move beyond a formulaic approach to performing asana, help you develop and explore the skills of listening, observing, and demonstrating and provide clarity and insight to find fullness in your practice, on and off the mat.

Training Begins Jan. 21, 2022

Space is limited

Pranayama Immersion - Intro To Yogic Breathing Techniques

Pranayama Immersion-

Intro to Yogic Breathing Techniques


Pranayama simply means breathing techniques and is the formal practice of controlling/measuring/directing/ expanding the breath, which is the source of our prana or vital life force. It is as important and profound as the Asanas (yoga poses. It is much more than just breath in and breath out air from the nose, but it is about breathing with our whole body, with our whole being, with our entire concentration and focus, and with subtle layers of our body, such as energetic, emotional, mental, intellectual bodies (Kosha system). 


The ancient yogis discovered the physiological principle that is well-proven by the modern medical science – that is your breath and your central nervous system are closely interconnected. Your nervous system affects your breathing, and in the same way, your breathing affects your nervous system. Rapid and shallow breathing stimulates your nervous system, whereas slow and deep breathing calms it down.


Breathing with different techniques will have different impacts in our body, we will delve deeper later into each technique. In this 1.5 hours immersion, we will learn the basic to intermediate techniques from Ujayii,  Sama Vritti, Dirgha, Anuloma,Kapalabhati,etc. We will experience how powerful the breath techniques are and how the breath can help us change the way we want to feel. Treat yourself the opportunity to use a life-changing tool you can take away with you in your daily life.


All levels welcome (beginners, seasoned practitioners, and yoga teachers), CEU credits available for yoga teachers.

Non-heated room temperature.


Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2-3:30pm 

Zen Hot Yoga South location

Investment: $30

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Yoga for Veterans Initiative
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This will be ongoing for any new active duty or Veteran to Zen Hot Yoga.

You can receive your first 4 classes for FREE (to be used in 30 days).


Yoga has proven to be beneficial to our military and veterans for many reasons including anxiety and PTSD.  Yoga is a great alternative to other drugs and therapy and can calm the nervous system and help heal physical and emotional trauma.  One of the most important things for veterans, and for human beings in general, is to find a group of people or a community who support and understand them. Practicing yoga with other veterans can be a great opportunity to bond and share a calm – and even spiritual – connection. 


Over 20 Veterans a day commit suicide.  We want to be a safe place for healing and connection.  We hope you will take advantage of this offering. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please reach out for help.

Please visit for more Information

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