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Rebecca McCurdy

Rebecca practiced yoga at home for several years before ever stepping foot into a yoga studio. She originally came to the practice in search of natural relief for anxiety. She soon found that yoga was much more than that; in addition to the physical benefits of asana and pranayama, Rebecca found a deeper connection to her natural spiritual relationship with her body and the universe. As an artist, she discovered a broadening of her creative energy, as well. 


One day, while at home on her mat, she had what she can only describe as an epiphany, a calling to share the joy and power of yoga with others, as a teacher. She set out to research yoga studios for teacher training, and Yoga Nook in Chesapeake was the first one she visited.  She completed her 200-hour training, then, craving ways to allow access to even more people, she immediately pursued additional training for prenatal and children’s yoga. 


Rebecca holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Art and is passionate about expressing creativity through painting and her yoga practice, both personal and teaching. She hopes that through teaching she can create space for any student to explore the relationship between their own body, mind, and spirit freely and safely.

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