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Ibby Pack

A believer, a listener, a reader, a creator, a dancer, a rule-breaker, a lover, a friend,...a yoga teacher. A journeyer, native of Virginia Beach, Ibby is an explorer and adventurer at heart. She loves the outdoors, animals, travel, music and the arts. Ibby’s deep rooted life experiences in caring for the sick and elderly as well as her extensive knowledge of classical and contemporary dance,various sports, and other arts, helps fuel her drive towards spiritual, physical and mental wellness. She had dabbled with an at home yoga practice throughout her younger years but after stepping into a hot yoga studio later in life she knew the yogic path was for her. It was then that all aspects of her practice really began to deepen and she has been a dedicated yogini ever since.


Ibby has practiced many different lineages near and far and received her RYT-200 right here at home from Zen Hot Yoga. Her classes aim to leave you feeling relief, refreshed, and revived. No matter what the class style Ibby’s passion is to seamlessly link the movements and breath together to better facilitate the ability to completely disconnect and go within. She strives for continuous personal growth and to inspire others to live their best life and to find their highest self. A forever student, Ibby has also received her Pharmacy Technician Certification from Norfolk Technical Center and a Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University.

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