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JulieBeth "JB" Mezzy

After being a student of Yoga & Meditation for over 25 years, Julie made the decision to deepen her practice by going through a teacher training.  Juliebeth earned her 200 Hour training through the Integral Yoga Academy at Satchidananda Ashram – Yogaville in May 2017. 


Julie was first introduced to meditation back in the 70’s.  Still a teenager, and not realizing its full potential to change lives, her practice came and went over many years until she became a Massage Therapist in 1992.   She believes meditation is the most important aspect of Yoga.  For Juliebeth, the love of the postures came much later.


“ I was a gym rat most of my life. Yoga was a just small part of my workout routine. After a few injuries, all of my running, jumping and pumping came to a quick halt. I have never looked back. Yoga is my peace. 

I’m a brand new Yoga teacher, but not brand new to teaching. I have taught Massage Therapy related classes for the last 17 years. My specialties are anatomy and foot reflexology.  Fun is my main goal.  My real job is one of inspiring others.  I believe that is the job of any teacher. “



Julie is a Board Certified Reflexologist & Massage Therapist. She has maintained a private practice for 25 years in the city of Virginia Beach. She enjoys cooking great healthy meals. Gardening is one of her many talents. She also is an avid Soapmaker and Kombucha brewer.

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