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Maggie Dancigers Zen Hot Yoga Virginia Beach

Maggie Dancigers

Yoga came to Maggie during high school as a means to speed recovery and increase focus during basketball, field hockey and swimming events.  It became a passion when she was introduced to hot yoga / vinyasa in San Diego, Ca in 2005.  The practice brought with it great benefits both physically and mentally which led to a curiosity about “why?,” inspiring years of consistent practice and study.


Maggie completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Zen Hot Yoga (200 hr) and since then has become a Rocket trained instructor w. Steve Pyka (50 hr).  She combines her Yoga Assisting training w. Janet Stone (30 hr) with her Anatomy and Breath Centered Practice training w. Leslie Kaminoff (12 hr) and completion of Mind and Body are One training w. Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh (10.5 hr) to offer her students a unique blend of tools to deepen their practice and help them along their yoga journey.


Her classes have a strong focus on breathwork, strength building, dristi, bandhas, and postural alignment promoting flexibility and stability while leading you towards a continuous meditative flow (even in stillness).  She loves using verbal alignment cues, props and/or soft, guiding manual assists (if permitted) as a means to help you deepen a pose and find that fine line between effort and ease.  


At Zen, Maggie teaches Warm Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa, Warm Advanced Asana (Rocket inspired) and guided meditation. Her Thurs noon HOT YOGA @ North offers a taste of Rocket at a slower pace.


When Maggie is not on her mat, you can find her playing on the beach or in the mountains with the other great loves of her life, her husband Matt and daughter Maya.


Maggie is an ERYT-200 Instructor (with over 1000 teaching hours) and a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Educational Provider).  She is also the creator of the book: "3 Month Yoga Tracker" and "3 Month Yoga Tracker: Yamas Edition."  She teaches workshops, specialty events, and is available to you for private sessions upon request.

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