Maggie Dancigers

I feel like yoga has been in my life so long that my relationship with it has changed dramatically over the years. I first began doing the postures at home in high school after finding my mom's copy of Richard Hittleman's "Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan."  It was one of those books strait out of the '70s with simple photos of this woman in a leotard.  The basic premise was to start with one posture a day and build on it every day with new postures for, you guessed it, 28 days. It didn't take but a few days to realize that this new form of stretching was going to make a huge difference while recovering from the rigors of playing multiple sports (basketball, swimming, and field hockey). Eventually With continued practice, I began to notice that it was helping with practices and games too, somehow it was easier to get in "the zone" and stay focused.

After years of non-heated classes, it was in my first hot yoga class that the love for yoga turned into a passion.  The heat felt like a detox, not just for the body but also for the mind.  The practice forced me to focus on the present moment, and even the minute details of my own body's reaction to it (I didn't know my body could sweat from EVERY pore like that!).  Suddenly I was present.  I was fully in the moment.  And I was hooked!

I remember the time vividly when I ended up crying through svanasana.  They weren't tears of sorrow or even tears of joy.  They felt like it was my body finally allowing itself to let go, letting go of years of built up tension and aggression and all those feelings of loss and hurt and pain that you keep deep down inside and it felt like a weight had been lifted.

As the years go on, my practice has helped me though many challenging times in my life and honestly allowed me to become a better person, a better wife and a better mother.  Also my reaction to the practice itself has become a lot more playful and I try to not take myself too seriously since I find the benefits to be much greater.  I love trying new things however difficult and understand that trying is the only way to open up new possibilities in my practice and in my life!

I took my 200 hr YTT training with Zen Hot Yoga and feel extremely privileged to be able to pay it forward as a teacher.  My teaching style can be vigorous yet playful and always with a strong emphasis on controlling the breath which is the key to it all.  I love to use props for all levels of practitioner and provide "building blocks" to help garner strong foundations.

I like to spend my free time with my husband Matt and daughter Maya (the other great loves in my life) playing at the beach or in the mountains and of course practicing yoga (both on and off the mat).


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